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P. Szabó Ernő:


György Olajos (1953) would like to express the dignity of colours. In today’s flood of information, colours, sounds and values are depreciating. Thus, with his works, Olajos wishes to lead us back to our origins, to the miracle of discovering the world. He seeks to explore how the relationship between – and the “inner substance” of – two colours can be put in the service of artistic expression. It is these “transgressions” that are processed in his works – his self-confessions, as it were. They have constituted the theme of his paintings, graphic works, objects, and boxes for years.

Number of pages: 120 pages
© HUNGART, 2018
© P. Szabó Ernő, 2018
ISBN 978-615-80545-8-4
Price: 2500 HUF