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Wehner Tibor:


Tuzson-Berczeli Péter’s (1966) works fit well within the expressionist tendency – and especially the abstract orientation of that tendency, with a focus on the expressive power of colours – that has grown so strong in the 20th century and also became dominant on the Hungarian art scene. His motifs, at times, draw on the visuality of prehistoric cave drawings, intended for magical purposes – the visual language of northern petroglyphs. Pentimento is the key word and central concept of his paintings, which, since 1994, has characterised the subsequent period of three decades, and which incorporates a distinctive language of forms and a sensuous world of incandescent colours. Translucent adumbration is the defining condition of the scenes and events in his compositions. Each painting is part of a ‘mysterious story’, characterised by a floating transparency.

Number of pages: 128 pages
© HUNGART, 2021
© WEHNER Tibor, 2021
ISBN 978-615-81065-8-0
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