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Wehner Tibor:

Szabó Tamás

The most recent works of Tamás Szabó (1952) testify to his status as a Renaissance-minded creative artist working as a sovereign personality in contemporary Hungarian art. This is not only due to Szabó’s perfect craftsmanship and his parallel cultivation – and at times cross-nurturing – of the mutually inspiring branches of sculpture, painting and drawing, but also because of the classical enchantment of his work, its anthropocentric nature, its preservation of figurative elements, its use of motifs, and its incandescent atmosphere and intense radiance. His series of murkily shaded works, the raw deformities and wounded beauties, and his groups of statues that give form and space to such a sensitive interplay of harsh brutalities, are testament to the tragic tone of the artist’s attitude to life and reflect the hopelessness and lack of escape embodied in his intellectual approach.
Price: 2500 HUF